For whom?

TSR is for everyone who wants to work with themselves for a better life!

Do you want to do something about your mental and/or physical health with a focus on self-management? Do you think it is important that your supervisor is medically trained and has experience with major life events and associated therapies?

Are you looking for temporary guidance by an experienced expert and medically trained life coach? Then TSR might suit you!

We often understand cognitively where our limiting beliefs and patterns come from, but sometimes it is difficult to break these habits with willpower and insight. TSR is for people who want to strengthen their resistance by discovering which signals the body gives in stressful situations, so that deep tension and/or trauma can be released, boundaries are better felt and patterns change.

Specific for:

I am looking for help with work-related problems such as stress, burnout, PTSD, Second Victims, Secondary Traumatization

I need support with my physical or psychological complaints such as long covid

I am looking for help with the consequences of my experiences as a child, such as ADOPTION

I need support due to the physical or psychological consequences of my Intensive Care admission

I don’t want to let go of helping patterns and change that have arisen through, for example, life events

I am looking for help with the consequences of my experiences as a child, such as ADOPTION

Because of my experiences in many areas in healthcare, including ambulance and (COVID) ICU, I understand you with half a word. I know the dynamics and circumstances of working in healthcare and being a patient, and I know what they can do with you. You can expect me to recognize your work and/or medical situation and to be able to respond to it safely.

From my own experience with (early childhood) family trauma I can imagine what trauma does to your physical and physical well-being.