TSR – Trauma Stress Release


Do you want to have more influence on your well-being, your resistance and your health? Do you long for more awareness of the signals your body is giving you? Do you notice that stress aggravates your health problems? Do you need to work on balance and your health mainly on the basis of physical experiences?

What would it be like to gain more insight into your nervous system in relation to your well-being? Gaining insight into what your nervous system has been through and becoming ‘friends’ with it, letting go of what no longer needs to be held. And influence that yourself for an optimal balance between body and mind?

This is possible with TSR or: Trauma Stress Release. TSR focuses on reducing tension and stress in your body with the aim of creating an optimal balance between a healthy mind and a vital body. I use various techniques for this, including Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE®) and SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol and Polyvagal Theory Therapy.

Do you want to let go of deep tension, experience again what it is like to feel really safe and connected? Would you like to better indicate your limits by learning to ‘play’ with your body’s signals? That is possible with TRE® and SSP from the Polyvagal Theory!

Do you suffer from limiting beliefs or survival strategies that you want to investigate and restructure with, for example, Voice Dialoque or nature coaching? Everything is connected, which makes TSR’s holistic approach unique: in a light-hearted, playful way, with humor and depth, we will transform the themes that play for you!


Nothing vague about the Vagus Nerve

The theory provides insight into the autonomic nervous system and teaches you to slow down or activate the survival response. Affect how your body reacts: action or relaxation.
How do I react to stress, where am I on the stress ladder, what are my survival structures and beliefs are questions that become visible. By learning to feel which signals your body gives you and by acting on them, you break through obstructive patterns.

By learning how you can influence what your nervous system tells you, you can influence the well-being of your body and mind.

It’s all about safety, being connected to yourself. Am I ‘safe’? How does that actually feel? How do I bring my nervous system back to ‘safe’? The Polyvagal Theory helps you to ‘social engagement’ as the Americans call it: a deep connection with yourself, which strengthens relationships with others.

This way you influence a more harmonious life!


release what is stuck

Tension Releasing Exercises are a simple yet effective method to release tension, stress and unprocessed emotions. It sets in motion what has settled in your body.
The method consists of a series of physical exercises that trigger the natural discharge mechanism. The spontaneous trembling that occurs as a result provides a way out for retained tension. This allows the body to return to its natural relaxed state: safe.
The vibration initiated with TRE awakens the nerve that provides relaxation, the Vagus Nerve. This lowers your stress hormones, which in turn strengthens your immune system!

This way you learn to relax and use your body signals for optimal health!


listening therapy
tune your ears to peace

SSP is a passive, evidence-based listening therapy to calm the nervous system. It was developed by Stephen Porges who also described the Polyvagal Theory. Hearing is in close contact with our emotions.

Many physical and psychological complaints arise from stored, unprocessed emotions, which cause disruption of the autonomic nervous system. In particular, the Vagus nerve, the parasympathetic nervous system (the soothing nervous system), works less well. By stimulating these by specially prepared music, stimuli are better regulated and the nervous system comes to rest.

A nervous system that is continuously on the alert mode may let go and experience safety again. With feelings of peace and security, connection with yourself and others as a result!

The complex functioning of our hearing organ is well illustrated in the video below. It provides insight into how many nerves and muscles are involved in receiving sound and processing it. Relaxing these muscles and nerves through SSP has a positive effect on the nearby Vagus Nerve.