Who am I

Wie ben ik?

Hello, I’m Angelique Pollen, Health (care) coach with a heart for care providers and people with health problems.

Since I was seventeen I worked in health care as a nurse in ICUs and on the ambulance. In those years I have seen and experienced a lot and I believed that I was dealing with this in a healthy way. This changed overnight. During an emergency drive we drove over a dike when I suddenly became nauseous and short of breath for no apparent reason. As I turned to warn my colleague, I saw in a flash that we were driving past a house that I had made a family drama in years before. I got goosebumps, shivered and told my colleague what happened. Just as quickly as the nausea and tightness set in, they disappeared! This experience got me thinking. My body knew where we were driving before my mind: what else was stored in my body? I also noticed that by simply shaking, I felt good again in no time. Was this the way to release that tension?

I delved into TRE® and retrained as a life coach and TRE® and SSP provider. In this way I learned how ingeniously the body is put together to release deeply stored tension and trauma in a safe way and according to an ancient mechanism.

From my vision ‘prevention is better than cure’ I have set up a coaching practice where we look together at how burdened you are. With the help of various coaching tools I help you to get back in balance. Handy practical tips and exercises that you will receive will ensure that you learn to recognize alarm signals and keep yourself in balance. Over the years I have specialized in Polyvagal Theory and have seen remarkable results with Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE) and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) in people who have ‘tried everything’!

Wat heeft het mij gebracht?

By regularly practicing TRE, my body has become more relaxed. My body is always under stress, from childhood trauma and the work I did. Migraines, joint and muscle pains, high blood pressure, allergies and ‘just often sick’ influenced my life. Psychologically I was quickly knocked out, everything came in hard. Is that over now? NO, but due to TRE and being aware of stress responses, the physical complaints are less frequent and less severe. Thanks to TRE and SSP I feel my body better so that I better guard my limits. I keep my stress hormone levels so low, so that stress-related complaints have less chance of manifesting themselves. Psychologically I am also better able to distinguish current pain from ‘old pain’, which makes it easier to put things into perspective. By becoming more aware of my strength, I started listening to my intuition better. This helps me set boundaries.

So it is not only the discharge but also the awareness, which has now been so integrated into my daily life, that has made my life so much nicer!

In conversation with founder David Berceli:

Zenuwstelsel in je Macht, Jij in je Kracht!

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Integrative care in the Netherlands! Collaboration between regular care and complementary care. My goal is awareness of the consequences of stress and unconsciously stored traumatic experiences on our system, our health. And how we can reset that with our ancient mechanisms such as TRE® and Polyvagal Theory! Making those life skills from then THE life skills of NOW!


During my work in health care I increasingly learned that many physical and psychological health problems are caused or exacerbated by tension, stress and trauma. Regular care pays too little attention to this and that causes unnecessary suffering. With the help of complementary care you can take control yourself in improving your resistance and thus your health. By allowing ancient release mechanisms such as vibrating back into our lives, and by learning to listen again to the signals that our body gives us in case of insecurity, we can regulate ourselves better. This has a positive effect on your physical and mental health!


With the help of coaching tools, we investigate the consequences of stress, tension and whether the emotional burden of your work or private life. Then we look together which method suits you best to help you get back into balance. My approach provides insight into hindering patterns and helps to let go of what has become lodged in your body. This is how you rewrite jobs for optimal physical and mental health! From there you will receive useful tips and exercises to strengthen and maintain your resilience. All this from a no-nonsense approach.